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As you probably know by now, I'm Daragh Doyle, one of Ireland's leading Wedding Planners.


But I am also honoured to be one of Ireland’s leading professional Wedding Celebrants as well. For many years now, I have  worked with many LGBT Couple, performing their Wedding Ceremonies.


In the video above, you can see me performing a Wedding ceremony at the Castlemartyr resort.

The Wedding ceremony sets the energy and atmosphere for your wedding day.

It is such an important part of your big day.


You wouldn’t choose a Wedding band without seeing them in action first!

Exactly the same logic should apply to a wedding ceremony.


All professional celebrants should have a video that they previously performed available to view.

Daragh Doyle Celebrant

In this video the couple reflect on their experience of Working with me, Daragh Doyle, as their Wedding Celebrant.

Speech Mentoring

The Ceremony itself.....

In this video, we can see the actual ceremony itself take place, in Murcia, Spain, that my clients are referring to above....

And a few more examples of some of the LGBT ceremonies, i've performed over the years


''I'll be honoured to be your Wedding Celebrant and help create the greatest day of your life. With my experience, dedication and laser-focussed approach to delivering over and above my clients' expectations, together we will make the magic happen for you too.''


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