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5 excellent tips to keep your wedding budget under control

There are so many pieces involved to make your

Big Day run perfectly but they all seem to

cost so much…here are some excellent ideas

to help control your wedding budget…

Your Wedding Day should be perfect!

BUT but you need to do your research in order to find out how to bring the magic, without having to completely empty your entire coffers!

With many years working as a Professional Wedding Planner in Ireland, I’m delighted to be able to help to provide you with some excellent advice, with my 5 top Wedding Budget Tips:

Traditions are changing Whilst there are many families that contribute to both daughters’ and sons’ weddings, increasingly, couples fund and plan their wedding day themselves, nowadays.

Having said that, I speak to many couples who have been comfortable to ask their relatives if they would like to contribute to the cost of the wedding and also many relatives who have been delighted to help – don’t be shy…it’s a huge day for them too, remember!

Even a small contribution can make a massive difference to your day and often the smaller details are the things that make the day even more special.

Understand what wedding costs you will face There are many elements that make up the perfect wedding day and each couple will prioritise which part is most important to them. Whilst everybody is different, research shows that the following areas (together with probably % of your Wedding budget) are the key areas you need to consider:

Reception: 50% Photography/Videography: 10% Entertainment/Music: 10% Outfits: 8% Flowers: 7% Wedding Rings: 3%

Ceremony: 3%

Stationery: 2% Transportation: 2% Gifts: 2% Miscellaneous: 3%

Remember these are just indications based on recent research but this is YOUR Big Day, so there are no set rules!

Those unplanned costs It really is worth writing everything down that you want for your Wedding and making sure you have budgeted for it. Some Suppliers for example want paying upfront and others after the event…so always remember it’s not just a wedding budget you need to keep under control but also your cashflow, so you can pay when people need paying. Something almost everybody forgets for example are tips!

Research and Negotiate! Almost every; Venue, Caterer, Entertainment, Hotel etc will give you a first price.

The power you have is SPEND. If you think about it, spend is not just your wedding budget but also things like the hotel rooms, food, drinks etc that your guests will be spending their cash on.

A Wedding is very lucrative for everybody concerned who is supplying a service to you, so don’t for a second feel guilty about asking them for their best price, after receiving their first one.

What are the key areas you can focus on to save money within your Wedding Budget?

· Are you sure that pre-wedding massage or 50 Euro facial is needed – it’s your Wedding Ceremony and the party afterwards which will live long in your memory. Not whether you had an expensive pedicure the days before. Cut the expensive luxuries out and in most cases, you won’t even notice.

· Weekday vs Weekend – hotels, suppliers, DJs, bands, caterers etc will tend to be less busy during the week, compared to the weekend. So for obvious reasons, you will be more likely to get a better deal.

· Your Guest list – Always a sensitive one this but the fact remains, if you can reduce the guest list, you will automatically reduce your spend.

· Stick to what is easier to source, it’ll be much cheaper – Rather than deciding on certain flowers, bouquets, food etc and then putting that to your suppliers, think what is in season at the time of your wedding – they’ll be some much easier to source and thus kinder on your Wedding Budget

· Shop around - get multiple quotes from different suppliers, venues etc. Suppliers and Venues etc have great times and lean times…you maybe just might strike lucky and find the perfect supplier, prepared to offer you the deal of the century. If not, you will have competitive quotes that you can refer to when trying to negotiate and bring the price down with your preferred supplier.

· Friends & Family – We all have connections and contacts…don’t forget some of your friends and families might also know venues and suppliers, DJs and Bands that will be more likely to provide a ‘Mates Rates’ offer for you!

When you have been a Wedding Planner for as long as I have, you get to know the best suppliers, venues, caterers etc.

I’d be delighted to advise you where you will get the best service at the best price. Contact me on or if you are looking for more advice and tips to make your Wedding extra special, visit the Wedding Planning section of my Rainbow Weddings website.

Daragh x


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