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Ireland's very first

same-sex, wedding planner

Daragh Doyle Gay Wedding Planner in Ireland

Daragh Doyle

Professional LBGTQ+

Wedding Planner

Hi there! I'm Daragh & a warm welcome to my Wedding Planner website.


Dedicated to LBGTQ+ couples who have decided to get married and want the best day of their lives!

I am a highly experienced wedding planner, operating right across Ireland. I'm lucky enough to have a creative, empathetic character, combined with a meticulous, organisational mind - all of which works perfectly together as a successful wedding planner.

Planning a wedding is a bit like a jigsaw, with many pieces to find and fit into place. For many couples, this can lead to stress, detracting from what should be the excitement building of their Big Day. Additionally, I see many couples struggling to identify the right suppliers needed for their wedding - it doesn't have to be that way!

As well as proudly running Rainbow Weddings for many years now, I also have a traditional 'bride and groom' wedding planning business: the Ireland Wedding Planner.


I pride myself on providing a very affordable, wedding planning service to my clients, to take away the hassle, stress and price haggling, so they can focus on the magic that is about to happen in their lives.


I've also got lots of knowledge and experience in helping you to identify the very best (and cost-effective)  venues and suppliers. I always make sure your budget goes a LONG way - and the best bit for me personally, is receiving all of the positive feedback afterwards!

The Key Questions I get asked the most about how my Wedding Services work, are answered in the Video below!

Describing the Wedding Planning process through the eye of a recent wedding at the Lyrath Kilkenny


Rainbow Weddings has been featured in a documentary on TV!!


To be completely sure you're with the right LBGTQ+ Wedding Planner, take a look at this:

I always take great pride in going the extra mile for my clients, to create their perfect day....

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Cutout Stars

Your Perfect Day

Check out my affordable, unrivalled Wedding Planning services to help make your Special Day beyond your dreams

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Your Wedding Planner

Learn a bit more about me, how I work with my clients and most of all, how as your Wedding Planner, I've got YOUR back

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Whether it be to get married back amongst friends and family, to be amongst our mystical and spiritual ruins, simply to enjoy the beautiful and friendly Emerald Isle, OR maybe because Ireland was the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage, for many of our LBGTQ+ international friends, Ireland is the perfect destination wedding location. You'll be made to feel very welcome!

I'm proud to have planned and co-ordinated lots of Gay and LBGTQ+ weddings in Ireland for couples and their families/friends from the UK, USA and Europe - I'd be very proud to do the same for you, so that with my help, your big day turns out to be beyond your wildest dreams.

Click HERE for more information on my Destination Weddings in Ireland or if you'd like to talk, click below.

Ireland Gay Wedding Referendum Result

Ireland was the first country on the world  to introduce same sex marriage by way of popular vote referendum resulting in it being the number one destination wedding country for same sex couples

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